Practicing Daily Quiet

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Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

Did you know that the number of truly quiet places on the planet are rapidly disappearing? Yes, they still exist, undisturbed in the dense heart of the rainforest or the icy tundra for example, but most of us aren’t planning a visit to these wilds any time soon. Our own small plots of paradise; the state park where we hike, the city park we saunter through on the way to work, our own backyards are often overwhelmed with the sound of cars, weed-wackers, extra loud music, the cell phone ring and the loud conversation that follows. None of these sounds on their own are “bad”, they are what they are. But they are often everywhere, all at once and relentless. Add in a television in every restaurant, pub and doctors’ office and the never ceasing, attention sucking smartphone alerts and you have some serious noise pollution going on in your head!

I say take a stand and stop the noise! Our brains and bodies need time out with no stimulation; to rejuvenate, to imagine, to ponder, to heal. Give yourself a dose of quiet (or as close as you can get, if you live in the city like me) as often as you can. Even just for a few minutes a day. No music, no TV, no phone or email, no talking. Just quiet. Just listen. Most likely you don’t live in a place where all you hear is the wind rushing or the birds talking, lucky you if you do! So if not, do your best to create quiet in your own living space. Just a little bit, as often as you can.

Let us know how you get your “daily quiet”. Shhh….. it’s good for you!

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