Imagination and Guided Imagery

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Posted by Judy Moon

I love the beach.
I love the beach in September.
I especially love the beach at a certain remote Jersey shore town.
When I tell people where I am going on my annual September beach get away with my husband Joe they say, “I don’t know where that is” and I smile and say ” I know, that’s why I like it there.”

I was sitting on the front porch of our rental, sipping some Merlot, (we’ve established that I like red wine), looking at the stars and listening to what seemed like a symphony of crickets and I felt such a wave of serenity.

You make think, stars, crickets, so what…big deal!

Well, I live in a row home in South Philadelphia, I don’t even have a front porch so sitting on my front step or stoop as it’s called in my hood, listening to crickets – not so much.

I thought, “I wish I could scoop them all up and take them home with me and listen to them on my roof deck at night so I could feel that same serenity” and then I remembered – I can take them home – in my imagination!

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what we are imagining. If you get a hug or imagine getting a hug from someone that you love, all of the same feel good hormones are released. The same physiological responses occur. It is the foundation of guided Imagery. You can read more about guided imagery on WebMD.

So I am going to use my imagination to recreate the cricket symphony and serenity on my roof deck garden.

It will be just like I am sitting on the porch in… you really didn’t think I was going to give it away, did you?

Photo Credits // 1 Pinterest // 2 James Knowles // 3 Pinterest


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