What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Posted by Judy Moon

I am channeling my best Tina Turner right now. The scary thing is that my hair can actually look like hers after one of Gwyn’s scalp massages!

What’s love got to do with it = everything! I have had the honor and privilege to study with Dr. Darren Weissman who has taught me about the healing powers of love and embracing life with an attitude of gratitude. In his book, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude – Darren describes the foundation of the LifeLine Technique, a healing modality incorporating 14 modalities. The LifeLine technique is a system that removes “emotional roadblocks” from the subconscious so our body can do what is was designed to do – heal, regenerate and be whole.

My personal favorite part of the LifeLine and what inspired me to become certified was working with the energy of love and gratitude.

If you are familiar with Dr. Masuru Emotos work with water and the effects that different stimuli had on the water then it will be of no surprise to you that one of the most beautiful crystals that formed was when the water was exposed to the words “love and gratitude.”

Why is that so cool?  Our bodies are 70 to 90% water – so when WE are exposed to the words infinite love and gratitude – all of the water in our bodies, in every cell, in every organ – is transforming and shifting.

We are getting ready to celebrate St. Valentines Day which is all about love and I would like to inspire you to use this power of Infinite Love and Gratitude for yourself.

Would you ever choose to feel stress – hell no! – take a breath, shift your vibration, repeat Infinite Love and Gratitude to yourself over and over till you feel the shift. The stressful situation doesn’t necessarily go away – but how you react and respond to it can. It’s all about choice – what do you choose love or fear? I know what I choose.

For bonus points, put your hand in the American Sign Language position for “I love you”

And place it over your heart – that’s right, you are telling yourself that you love you. It’s called self-care, self-love – give it a whirl!

And if you really want extra credit – say it with a smile on your face.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude – Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love!



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