Image Map This photo shows some of my personal favorite handmade items!

Posted by Gwyn MacDonald

I am a lucky woman. Everyday (yes, everyday!) I drink out of a cup or eat from a bowl that was made by a dear friend. I wear earrings or rings or scarves and hats also made by people I love. Everyday I have these lovely people in my heart (or my ears..heehee).

Thank you! How sweet is that!

These amazing folks, aside from being my beloved friends, are fabulous professional artisans and crafts people and I am honored that they have shared their work with me. Their passion for their craft, for beauty, form and nature is present in the work and when I wear a piece or sip my tea, I feel that energy, that vibration.

Our home is filled with beautiful mementos that friends and loved ones have created for us; cards, ornaments, drawings, photos, clocks, pottery, magnets… I could go on but I think you get it! So special.

There is nothing like handmade/homemade. Whether you are talking cookies, a knit hat or an intricate wooden sculpture made by a pro, holding handmade in your hands is powerful!

To see more work from the artisans above check out their sites:
David Voll Pottery
Lisa Havelin Metals
Dana Zeck Weaving

If you’re located in Philly, check out Art Star! This excellent boutique and gallery is all about the artisan and hand crafted work. Local and national work is represented in this unique space, owned and operated by two amazing ladies – Erin Waxman and Megan Brewster – they are fabulous artists and my friends!

What are you making these days?



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