The Art of “Do-In” and Dry Brushing

Posted by Alicia McCarthy
Dry brushing is a marvelous way to shed dead skin cells and encourage circulation.

HOW TO DRY BRUSH AT HOME: Dry brushing should be performed before your bath or shower when your body is dry. Starting at the feet, the top or the sole, using either circular or straight strokes, brush up the leg towards the heart. Next, brush from the hands up the arm, and trunk of the body up towards the heart. Just be sure to avoid sensitive areas or any areas where there is broken skin, and always brush towards the heart. Voila! You are ready to shower. It is recommended that you massage your skin afterwards with oil or a rich moisturizer like Shea Butter. My new go to is coconut oil straight from the jar- best body moisturizer ever!

“DO-IN” AND DRY BRUSHING: Do-In is a combination of meridian stretching exercises, breathing exercises, chi exercises and self massage. “Do-In” is a Shiatsu self care technique practiced in Japan, as a method to tonify and disperse the qi, or energy, of the body. There are three reasons for practicing Do-In:

  • To become aware of your own energy
  • For self treatment
  • For giving good shiatsu therapy

I love to designate my dry brushing routine as an energetic ritual similar to a “Do-In”. While practicing my dry brushing “Do-In” I think about the energy in my body becoming balanced, and I usually add some breath work while I’m at it!

Do you practice Do-In or Dry Brushing? After reading this, will you give it a try?

Photo Credits // 1 Holisticvanity // 2 Shea Butter Cream // 3 Refinery29


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